Dream Lists

“We all have our own life to pursue, Our own kind of dream to be weaving...
And we all have the power To make wishes come true, As long as we keep believing.” -Louisa May Alcott

I have a dream to

Be an location-independent Entreprenuer,
Be a programmer, Be a motivational speaker,
Travel around Africa, Europe, South America, Carribean,
Visit Japan, Visit Antartica, Ocean dive to Mariana trench,
Travel to moon,
Go on a sea voyage that span between continents,
Fly a Ballon, 
Run a mega-race,
Circumnavigate the world,
Speak French,Japanese,
Travel around on a motor-bike,
Have a friend in all country of the world,
Though am scared of this but I want to climb Everest,
Swim with a whale but I can't swim now,
Run A Marathon(I have ran three now)
live alone in a jungle or forest for a month,
Teach Linux,programming, and open-source free(still to do it ) across Africa.