Every single day we wake up, we are faced with a beautiful world, beautiful day and beautiful life ahead, this is what the world is meant to be for us all, but it isn’t like that for lots of people, struggles, challenges, hardship, despair, hopelessness and a daily battle many don’t want to wake to face.
But there is something that helps make your day so great, it is motivation and is like bathing you can never have enough of it.

Dream-Conquests, conquering dreams from the cradle. The idea for the name came from a passion to conquer my dreams just like most people and willing to pay the price. DreamConquests would motivate you on the following

Financial Education: Advice from professional personal on Financial literacy
Entrepreneurship: Daily dose of motivation to actively pursue and enjoy the entrepreneur dream
Career: Motivations to pursue and be success in your choosen career.
Gospel: motivational quotes and write up to find faith in the Love of God in Christ Jesus.
Motivational: Quotes Quotes fro motivations
Motivational Tips: A summary from best seller self-help, personal finance and motivational books.
blazing&amazing: a showcase of amazing people to motivate you.