reason why people fear

why do people fear

why do people fear

Reason why people fear

Ask yourself this question what is the reason why people fear, and in a short moment of reflection, I got the following answers based on personal experiences and general human experiences.

What can go wrong

The initial reaction of humans is to react to doubt or anxiety when we don’t know what could wrong, imagine you are on the road on a dark stormy night, an unfamiliar territory and the journey is taking too long than anticipated first reaction to the situation would be a feeling of anxiety which eventually leads to fear if not dealt with. Many people wake up with a feeling of what can go wrong today and they go around living in their self-imposed fear or rather a fear they seem to have no power on, many live their life like this without ever getting out of it and the sad thing it is passed on to their children, fear is passed on from generation to generation, it brings many to slavery, years of ignorance and bondage.

You don’t want to feel bad

As a result of our past experiences, feeling bad is not a pleasant experience, so we tend to avoid it and fear the occurrence. This one of the most common and sent many to their early grave, the reason why people don’t want to feel bad is because of others, many of us can’t handle feeling or looking bad cause of what people would say and his a terrible fear, can you picture having to chose long alternative route instead of the shorter one, the fear of facing a large crowd is because people don’t want to feel bad in presence of others.

A Thought about pass pain

While this fear might initially not be a problem, it is crippling, making men live a life that’s filled with anguish, remorse, and sadness. If not dealt with seriously, the fear of the pain becomes even more than the pain.

These are a few answer when faced or asked the reason why people fear, many do not simply know why they are in fear, it is assumed it is natural and so they flow along with fear all their lives and past in unto their children, it is a legacy some even called culture. Ask yourself why do you fear, write it down you may be able to free yourself.

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