Plan Ahead

An advice that can never go wrong is to Plan Ahead, it doesn’t seem to make sense to you when you have heard it too many times to count but it may be the main reason you are having lots of worries, pressure and an underachiever.

Why is good to plan ahead?

“An Hour spent in planning saves two hours in execution “

It gives you much confidence

Certain people lack confidence because they lack the ability to plan ahead, I am not referring to the last minute cramming or rushing over a document, I meant the deliberate habit of planning ahead activities needed to execute an action and also reviewing, when you practice this habit it is most likely you would have boosted your ego and knowledge of the activity you are going to execute. There are short-term and long-term planning ahead, planning ahead for a speech is short term but planning ahead for a career might be a long-term process but still, it is a sum of several short-term planning ahead. A student who plan ahead by reading always have so much confidence writing an exam, A big event speech maker would be so confident and eloquent when long minutes have been involved in planning ahead.

I am always very confident when I planned ahead for an activity because I approach such activity as an expert but I observe the inner feeling of low self-esteem when I am ill prepared for an activity.

It allows you to have more success rate

You are more likely to succeed in a thing if you take time in planning ahead, in fact, a project would end in failure right from the beginning if no planning was involved and you just begin execution. There are those that plan for a project but failed to plan ahead they plan with the project so if an unforeseen problem is encountered it cripples the project or slow it down. You set yourself up for success immediately you plan ahead and you more success rate than the average human who lacks the time to plan.

It is an antidote to procrastination

Do you want to know why most people procrastinate, it is because they failed to plan ahead, they want to rush into a thing simply because they think it is easy before they know it they had abandoned it because they failed to plan for certain unforeseen, before they know they keep avoiding this unforeseen day in day out till it is totally obscure.

Most humans are guilty of procrastination and it is just that most people are in the habit of not planning ahead, it is possible to still achieve some level of success procrastinating but high achievers always plan ahead and never miss what those that failed to plan ahead missed.

It gives you peace of mind

You know what gives you peace of mind being able to do all that you want to do, it is planning ahead that gives you that opportunity, I reflected on life itself and I see nothing happened as a result of the accident they were the product of a plan. This world would not have existed if our creator had not planned it so beautifully from birth till death, heaven, and earth, cradle till adulthood.

I often wonder why we find it hard to plan ahead despite the benefit but I also noticed doing too many things at times takes the focus away and make planning ahead difficult. It is a defect that sets in as a result of lifestyle and can also be corrected by a change in lifestyle through a deliberate action for an individual that’s ready.


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