How To Threat Others

How To Threat others

How To Threat others


Jesus gave you and I this golden message found in Matthew 7:12 and there is no know fault in it. Most of the problem in this world would be fixed if we but heed this advice. Imagine a rapist would do unto their victims as they would have done to them, imagine a murderer would consider himself/herself before killing,imagine fraudsters heed this advice,imagine adulterers and fornicators heed the advice,imagine those that hurt others.

I am not exempted,  I wrote this as a reflection of my own action as well but I want us to reflect together on this issue so we can live a better life and live righteous. None of us wants to be treated badly but yet we treat others bad, we do not want to be judged but we execute harsh judgement on others, we say words that hurt or even spread untrue rumour about others, things we really don’t want to see others do to us.

We live in a world where you take what belongs to others and punish them but you can’t have such done to you. If we can begin to rethink these issues, we would have peace with others but let’s remember some can allow something bad to be done to them so they don’t mind it been done unto others, I have been there before but it takes healing from within to eliminate this reality of life.

It is hard for some to take this advice naturally but with a genuine spiritual relationship with Jesus, it would come naturally, if you would like to have this supernatural relationship then follow this link.

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