Should you put off the inevitable and how to avoid procrastination

Time Management is very important to achieve a successful life, the way student manages their time is the key difference between those that succeed and fail most times, we all have certain tasks to do be it business, place of work, home, and personal work. It is difficult to keep up with these activities at times this eventually lead to an unfinished task which is postponed which leads to procrastination, any job or task you could procrastinate would easily put off for another task later on.

As a matter of fact every task is important, a simple task of arranging once desk, before you leave work, might be convenient to postpone until the next day and might be unimportant at the moment but on resuming the next day, before you settled loads of work are already waiting then you didn’t have time to rearrange your desk, you worked till it became important you must sort the things on your table to avoid serious mess up then it became important and might take more time than if you had done it previous day. Hence, the question should you put off the inevitable? everyone wants to create personal motivation to begin a task you’re procrastinating or likely to put off is to promise yourself a reward at its conclusion.

Another way is to acknowledge the negative consequences of procrastination. When tempted to procrastinate, ask yourself, am I willing to suffer the consequences when I put off the inevitable.

• Missing this deadline?
• Having no time to check for mistakes?
• Producing inferior work?
• The stress associated with the resulting time pressures?


The lesson from the book Time Management by Man Mancini.

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