Avoid the act of Cramming

People always delay things until the next minute until the time we are almost needing it, but this gives room for mistakes, pressure and you are more likely to forget once you are done with it.
If we have a year to do something, more than 90% would wait until a month or a week. Many of us have never been prepared for life’s move you want to have your business by 45 but by 30 and 40 you have never tried or never succeeded in even managing a small business.

1. A good Time management trick is to never cram and plan ahead instead.

2. The act of cramming leads to procrastination because you are simply trying to do things that are meant to be done within 24hrs within an hour.

3. The act of cramming is a hard habit to overcome, it is wise to avoid it cause it can ruin things in the long run.

4. If you are addicted to the habit of cramming be aware that the danger is much, you are prone to making mistakes and sometimes not been able to discover them.

5. Avoid the act of cramming because it kills creativity, usually a student who cram at the last minute before an exam often forgets most things they read shortly after the examination.


Summarized from the book Time Management by Marc Mancini.

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