Winners Take Control

Do you feel concerned that you aren’t in control, that’s should be a yes especially when you have no control over your job or salary but you do have control over what you sell or business you run. Robert Kiyosaki mentioned in the book “Why We Want You to be rich”

“If our education system was doing its job, it would be teaching young people about the difference between learning to take control and learning to go through life without control”

those that go beyond School would understand this, lots of people have the paper qualification but it is useless because they have no control, they simply don’t know how to make use of what they have simply because they have little or no education on these matters but they are highly educated people on paper. These class on people usually consider investment a risk and Robert stated the reason as follows

1. Most People think investing is risky because they have very little financial education.

2. They invest in investments where they have no control – investments such as savings, stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

3. They take investment advice from salespeople, who also have no control over the investment.

Step two is about control. Once you understand what you are going to leverage, your next task is to make sure you have control.

Donald explained further that you have to keep the big picture in mind when people talk about the big picture, I am often reminded of a tapestry. Someone once told me that if you look at the back of a beautiful and priceless tapestry, all you will see is a bunch of knots. Well, sometimes that’s all people will see because they haven’t seen the finished design on the other side yet. Destiny sometimes works that way, so don’t give up control by leaving your own tapestry – the design of your life – unfinished.

Soon after I heard that analogy, someone said they were “in knots” about something, and I suddenly just saw that the guy wasn’t Visualizing his tapestry. He was losing sight of the big picture. When I told him the story, he became Visibly more relaxed. Look at things from the other side sometimes. It will help you maintain control, giving you insight into how to deal with problems and people around you, You have to be able to control the things around you, at least to the extent is the that you aren’t left in knots.

Some synonyms for control to think about are command, mastery, authority, dominion, and determination. Read carefully this last part of the words of Donald “You may not have control over a lot of things, but you can start with yourself. Brainpower is the ultimate leverage. You’ve got a brain; use it. Call me a control freak, but I don’t accept excuses. Winners take control by accepting responsibility.

Summary from the book Why We Want You To Be Rich – Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki.

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