Think Big Think Expansively

Think Big Think expansively

Think Big Think expansively

I am sharing a very wonderful illustration of how to think big think expansively, it is a popular saying to think big but Donald Trump from the book Why We Want You to Be Rich co-authored with Robert Kiyosaki take it even further by adding think expansively and he described just how to do that with the following personal experience of his.

My club has a beautiful ballroom, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the number-one golf
course in California, but the club held less than 300 people. We were unable to accommodate many events (such as weddings) because our capacity was too small, so my management team’s answer was to enlarge the building. They came to me with plans to remodel and expand the ballroom, which would take millions of dollars and lots of time. We would have had to go through the permitting process and close for many months during construction, thus losing millions
of dollars in business revenue – on top of spending millions of dollars to remodel.
As we were standing together looking around the ballroom,  noticed a woman having trouble getting out of her chair. The chair was very large, and she had trouble moving it away from the table so she could stand up. In fact, the room was filled with these huge chairs. I had an immediate vision: We needed new chairs – smaller chairs!

This one idea not only saved me millions of dollars, it even made me money. We made more money on selling the old chairs than it cost me to buy the new gold Chivari chairs. We are now able to seat more than 440 people, comfortably, and have increased the number of larger events we host as well as the revenue we receive. No expansion of the building was necessary and we had no downtime. So I turned what could have cost me millions into a profit!
That’s the first step to visionary status – seeing something and knowing it could be different or better.

He concluded on the story by advising individuals who want to think big think expansively to learn their lessons from as many sources as they can. Think and learn expansively(learning is not only in classrooms but more importantly life experiences of others or yours). It won’t be expensive, but it can give you some big returns.

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