Getting Rich is very Predictable not Risky

When I first read this from the book Why We Want You To Be Rich, my eyes became wide opened cause I have heard all my life that getting rich is a very risky but here is what the book has to say many people today are in financial trouble or not getting ahead simply because they never get beyond the “Me/You.” People, some highly educated, go through life working hard, but without much leverage. They never
harness or implement any power beyond themselves.

These people have little or no control over their jobs, how much they earn or their investments. Many are not allowed to express their creativity in their work or in their investments. They simply do as they’re told, professionally and financially. And when it comes to expanding, all they know how to do is get another job, look for a second job or hope for a promotion or a raise.
Many people get caught in this cycle because that is what they were taught to do in school. To do anything else would be risky. They are afraid of losing the little control they have. They work for less because they fear they may get fired if they ask for a raise. They conform rather than be creative because they fear to make waves or trying something that might fail.

When they invest, many simply turn their money over to someone they hope is an
expert and learn little to nothing for themselves. They are trapped by their
own doubts, fears and limited knowledge of business and money. They live
in fear of taking risks and think much of life is risky. To make matters worse, many of these same people (as well as their “financial experts”) think that what Donald Trump, Warren Buffett and I do is risky. Nothing could be further from the truth. Donald Trump and Warren Buffett make a lot of money Simply because they know that the end- result of their endeavor is predictable – the opposite of risky.

Here is an example, Robert’s rich dad used an apple grower to explain predictability. He told me the story of an apple grower who started with one acre of apple trees. “Planting that first acre,” my rich dad said, “was hard. The farmer did not have much money, and the apple trees needed time to grow. After a few years, apples appeared, and the farmer sold them. With his profits, he bought two more acres and planted more trees. Soon he had over a hundred acres of apple trees, all producing apples. It started slowly, but he knew if he kept doing what he was doing, he would soon be a very rich man.” Though this example was a very simple one, it
served me well.

One thing I have observed is not that most people don’t work hard but at wrong things, is not that most don’t invest but they do it the wrong way, it is not that many aren’t educated but they didn’t get the right education or missed the best part. I have invested the wrong way myself without being in control, I simply wait for what profits comes leaving the other party to do whatever they like with my money. You need to get a copy of the book Why We Want You To be rich now

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