Try First

There is no gain when you don’t try, everyday life is full of trials.Most of our daily activities required us to keep trying, sometimes the daily ritual of trying is seamless or could also be very tasking.
Sometimes we just don’t want to try because the task or project is  too overwhelming, too hard, too hopeless, or you’re too tired, too challenging. I have fallen prey to inability to try several times, but what actually makes men succumb, what makes him  fall out when it is next available option
 Big Challenges
  It is scary to have challenges as high as a mountain and solid as a rock facing you and behind is an avalanche of stone pebbles, I see this in movies very often, the next available option is wait and be buried by the avalanche but not those movie heroes they devise super intelligent and action way to get out of the scene before they are buried, while the viewers would have almost lost their breath watching that guy about to die, even sometimes you shout, scream or close your eyes behind the screen. Out of the blues, the guy escaped  an ingenious stunt was pulled, you never saw that coming and the guy survived, but what if that guy was actually you, what if we handle every challenge like in the movies, there would always be a way out.
It is no mere say that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but you just have to find it or stay alive to see it, life is not often easy as it seems but if we always see our self as the hero in the movie we would always surmount any obstacles, for every adversity there is an equal seed of greater benefit, try first rather than give in to give up.
Difficulties, impossibility, Financial Constraints
  These trios are enough to wreck most men, to reduce men to slaves and crippled dreams forever. Difficulties can frustrate you before you begin and Impossibilities would render your vision fruitless and Financial constraints can even make the thought of your dreams scary, but I have good news for you most men that are great have surmounted these trio and we can through their experiences overcome them, but you have to Try First.
Never been done before, you are not qualified
Never been before begins starts from a cultural limitation to academic field where something is proven or men said it could never be done, remember it was believed no man could build a machine that fly, but men are exploring space, someone tried it and proved them wrong, there are several job I have told myself it couldn’t be done until I did it.
Try first before you say it can’t be done
You don’t have the right skills
You can’t obviously do something you aren’t qualified to do but then I often ask a question, how did the first person with a skill acquired it? it means he tried doing something he knew nothing about and discovered it. It also means to have a skill you have to try doing something, I read about a teacher that divided her class into two the first set were to read manuals on how to make potteries then make one, but the second set were to start making potteries right away making different shapes, sizes and styles.
At the end the two sets of student were put in a competition and the second sets came up with different kinds of styles,designs which eventually won the prize.If you have a skill Try first to acquire the skill or learn the skill.
Age barriers
   If you have a dream and you think age is your barrier please you are listening to the pessimist voice inside of you, it is not age that determines our dreams, our dreams is  conceived no matter how old we are and it should never be a barrier, the fulfillment and the happiness of pursuit should be the motivating factor, it is a dream that made a man entered the university in his 90s, a dream that made a woman abandon her previous job  and started Medical school in her early 40s pursued her dreams of being  Medical Doctor despite she had a very low GPA in high school.
Have you watched the movie “Internship”, those two guys whose life is about to end decided to switch to a career mainly for younger generation, they persevered to the end but note one thing about those dudes they Tried First.
Race and Social Status
Why this should never stop any man from achieving or try out in life to be great, if you leave in places there are much racism and some ruling social class you would understand that this is very frustrating and demoralizing but nonetheless Try first.
Happy Easter, Christ died so that we might have life more abundantly….share the good news. 

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