Success Killers To Avoid

I can accept failure but I can’t accept not trying – Jordan

1) know it All Attitude:
 An altitude of knowing everything all by yourself is  a no good attitude, no man is an island we learn from each other. If you want success so badly you’ve got to learn from some people and use it to speed your success rate, if you claim to know it all, you would keep repeating several things you would have ride on through experience of others, follow this programming term DRY-Don’t Repeat Yourself.
2) Awkward Feeling About  Failure
Success actually happens when you have mastered failure so well that you actually know everything about it, if you hate to fail, it means you hate to succeed, you have to keep trying over and over again, this means you would have failed over and over again. Never get me wrong the hours you put in preparation comprises of several failed attempt until you achieve the final victory at execution, which is Success.
3) Slothfulness
If you are disinclined to work you are slothful meaning you are a lazy person, success comes with a price tag and this is  hard work
4) Procrastination:
 Give it up or give in to staying down at the bottom, never put off what you can do today till tomorrow, procrastination has never changed its purpose, always a thief of time.

Add the rest if you think I missed something.

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