You have what it takes to win

It doesn’t matter who you are, you have what it takes to win, just because you haven’t realized the potential in you doesn’t mean it is not there.You don’t know how far you can go until you  have tried – Nudges Nudo

I have used the motivational illustration from zenpencils your online store for motivational cartoons for this blog post, I encourage you to visit the site often.

1) The most difficult thing is your decision to act, but you must act  nonetheless.

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2)  Every victory begins with a victory over self, this is the first step to winning in life, if you can’t conquer yourself over, how can you ever win over anything. It is our persistence that gives us the victories in our chosen endeavours.

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3)  Find what it is you love to win over, find what you’re good or be good at something you love. You have read this before anyway, just be passionate about something.

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4) A lot of us think winning  comes easy, for every winner you see in all walks of life, there is a man who worked hard to make life simple and easy.

5) But when you worked hard, it seems not enough at times then you meet with failure, but failure no matter how many times should never stop you from trying again until you win, if you have never failed you have never done anything innovative.

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