Feel Good First

A good advice you could get is feeling good always, feel good about yourself, feel good about your dreams and feel good about today, you actually have no reason not to feel good but you would ask me
If I am broke, if I am out of job, If I am helpless,If I am a failure how would I feel good let alone about myself, I am sure there are even worse situations people battle with, broken heart, loss of love ones, illness how would such people ever feel good.
But remember Jesus said “Be of good cheer” and “worry not for your life” It is true humans face turbulent times that takes all the joy away, deprive you of happiness and laughter but if we allow many of life things to get at us, hold us down we would have nothing but mystery every day, it would be hard to get back on track, you can never achieve any dreams with your life filled with unhappiness, it would be drawing you back, I fall victim to this as well but I have observed over times what happens  when you feel good.
Feeling good build a  Positive Mental Attitude
You can only have a positive mentality  when you have positive feelings, ever wondered  what negative feeling do to you, it makes your tired, bitter, depressed. It is impossible to  have a good attitude being that way.
Feeling good makes you think creatively.
When You feel good notice your thinking process it is super creative and alert, have you noticed the eureka moments they are always during your moment of profound happiness. If you want to be more creative learn to feel good always/
Feeling good makes you have a better relationship with people
When you have a good feeling within it is contagious, people get caught up with it and you have great harmony with people. You can only enjoy good and harmonious relationship if you are happy.
Feeling good makes you  on top of you game
You can only have great enthusiasm to chase and achieve your goals when you feel good. I have observed those that are the best in what they do, they are very very happy people, they make you feel good cause they felt good first.

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